Wisconsin Unemployment Web Portal

Since Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development is in charge of Wisconsin unemployment issues, if you are looking for unemployment insurance extension relates material, you can go to dwd.wisconsin.gov/ui/ to have more information. Wisconsin unemployment web portal has information about extended benefits, Wisconsin unemployment rate update, how to file unemployment extension weekly claim in Wisconsin, Wisconsin unemployment department locations and phone number and all unemployment related information.

Wisconsin Unemployment Instructions
In the latest five years, Wisconsin unemployment rate has switched as the time goes by. The best situation of this period happens in February, 2008, when the unemployment rate is just 4.3%. Following this period, the rate rises quickly and reaches the top point of 9.2$ in june, 2009. Luckily, it fall down straightly to 6.7%in April, 2012.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation FAQ

  1. What is Emergency Unemployment Compensation( EUC)? EUC is a 100% federally funded program that provides benefits to individuals who have tired regular state benefits. The EUC program was created on June 30, 2008, and has been modified a few times.
  2. Who is eligible to receive EUC benefits? To be eligible for EUC benefits you must: have an unemployment claim that began on or after May 07, 2006; have base period wages in the base period of this claim that is equal to at least 40 times your regular benefit rate; weakened your regular benefits or your benefit year has ended and not be eligible for a fresh claim in any state; be unemployed or working diminished hours; be able and available for work and looking for work. participate in Job Service Career Planning Services when directed.
  3. How do I file for EUC? If you are presently cramming weekly claims for unemployment benefits, proceed to file your weekly claim if you are still unemployed or working diminished hours. You will be notified by mail of your eligibility for the extra benefits. If you have not been filing weekly claims and are still unemployed or working diminished hours, you will need to fi

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