Where Is My Order Helps You to Trace Your Phone

There are some regular questions like how to track the status of my order, when will I receive my order, how will my order be delivered, can I modify my order, will I need to pay a deposit? What if I am not approved by selected carrier? You can find all the related answers and information at Where Is My Order customer support portal.

Where Is My Order Customer Support Portal Instructions
Customer Support Portal will actively engage with you to ensure that your order moves thru the process as quickly as possible.You should sign in to see the situation of your order. Only your email address and order number are needed. By signing into its Customer Service site, you will have secure access to the same information that our agents see sans the need to call. Not only can you track the progress of your order, but you can view and print the details of your order that are only available by signing in.

The site has suggested detailed FAQ from before the purchase to after the purchase, including selecting the right phone, keeping phone number, shipping, order tips, activation instructions, maximizing your battery charge, come back and exchange. You can also contact them directly via email and phone, both shown on the page.

The Process of Where Is My Order’s Work
Once you submit your order, processing your order quickly is their number one priority. They will send you e-mail updates and you can always track the progress of your order real-time on their fresh customer support site.

  1. Send your order to the carrier you selected for approval.
  2. Once your order has been approved by the carrier, the site will send you an email and your status on this site will switch to “Approved” as they begin the activation process.
  3. Your phone will be examined  before it is shipped. Some phones are programmed to be activated right on their line while some will be activated after you received them.
  4. After your phone has been investigated and packaged for shipping, they will send you another email with a link to track the delivery of your phone.
  5. For your protection, a signature may be required upon delivery.

About Where Is My Order Customer Support Portal
Where Is My Order is a 3rd soiree online order tracking system, peculiarly when you purchase a fresh wireless phone, device or service, like Verizon Motorola Droid 2, Sprint Nexus S 4G from Google, T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Black, Verizon HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Exhibit 4G Black, Sprint Samsung Transform from Wirefly and some other most favored wireless phone providers.

Check your mobile phone order status at www.whereismyorder.com.

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