Wellbid Online Auction

Do you sense like catching the arousing moment when the auctioneer bangs the gavel three times to indicate the winner in auction house? Online auction is coming with all brand fresh products. Wellbid will bring a totally fresh shopping practice for you.

Wellbid Online Auction Instructions
Wellbid provides a fresh way of shopping. Hundreds of brand fresh products are waiting for you. What’s more, their prices are tempting because all products are sold thru auction. To know how to embark auction,

  1. You should register first-ever at the website. Click on the “REGISTER” button on the top right. Click on “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” to continue.
  2. Choose a country to which they will delivery your winnings to. Enter your e-mail address, password, username to register.
  3. You are taken to the page to buy BIDs. A BID represents the right to participate in an auction. Your BIDs will be deduced once you begin auction. For example, if there is a “BID x 9″ button under the product, it means that by clicking the “BID x 9″ button, 9 BIDs will be deduced from your account. So before commencing to bid on an auction, please make sure that you have sufficient number of BIDs. Please reminisce BID is not refundable. Whether or not you win the auction, used BIDs are not returned to your account.
  4. With abundant BIDs, you can begin your auction now. On the top left of the homepage, you can view all categories of products. Choose one category and one product. Browse the features and comments of the product.
  5. Click on “Bid x ” button to begin your auction. The embarking price for every auction is £0.00, and it is enlargened by a puny amount after each bid. Below the “Bid x ” box is the market price and how much you can save on the auction.
  6. You can also set Autobid. On the right side of the product page, there is a “Set up” button. Click it to set the bidding amount and begin your Autobid. The Autobid BID cost is the same as the manual BID cost.
  7. The auction lasts when there are at least two people bidding on it. It finishes when there is an uncontested suggest after a brief period of time. Instead of three strikes to end an auction, they use a countdown clock.
  8. If you win the auction, they will send you an email with instructions about what to do next. Check help in case you encounter any problem.

You can bid on regular auction, express auction, debut auction and more. Visit wellbid FAQs to learn more information.

Visit www.wellbid.co.uk to set price yourself and find a fine bargain.

About Wellbid.com
Wellbid is a fresh and titillating way to shop. It combines the enlivenment of an auction and the happiness of buying brand fresh goods online. The operator of wellbid.com is Welmory Limited, a company registered in Cyprus. The very first auction was held in 2008 and since then they have held hundreds of thousands of auctions suggesting both brand fresh excellent goods as well as the amazing prices to customers.

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