Vodafone Get My Photo

Have trouble reading photo or movie messaging with your mobile phone? You can view all multimedia messages online through Vodafone Get My Photo site sans updating to a fresh smartphone. It’s free to use, and you won’t pay a penny to send a reply either.

Vodafone Get My Photo Instructions
Vodafone Get My Photo service permits you to view multimedia messages that have been sent to you. By using the services, you can replay these messages or forward to someone else. To view these message,

  1. Go to the Get my photo login page.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number and password. If you have lost it, please click on “click here to retrieve current password” link and cram in your mobile phone details and submit the request. You will receive your password details in a text notification delivered to your phone.
  3. After packing in your mobile phone number and password, click on “Login” button to continue.
  4. You can view your multimedia messages that have been sent to you in your account.

Please reminisce that your picture message can stay in your private inbox for only 30 days. After 30 days your picture message will be deleted permanently. If you have not saved it elsewhere you will have lost the message and its contents.

When you want to reply or forward a message you can link fresh text/picture/sound/video to your messages as lengthy as the size of the fresh file is no more than 295KB. For more information about the service, you can refer to FAQs.

vodafone.co.uk/getmyphoto can help you to view your multimedia message easily. Visit it to check your pictures and videsos right now.

About Vodafone
Vodafone made the UK’s very first mobile call at a few minutes past midnight on 1 January 1985. Within fifteen years, the network was the largest company in Europe and the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. By the turn of the century, almost every 2nd UK citizen had a mobile – and a 3rd of them were connected to Vodafone. Above all, it’s one of growth and the capability to produce the tremendous benefits of mobile communications, not just in the UK but worldwide.

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