Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

You can apply for a fresh Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card or login to access your credit card account if you already have one at this site. Here is why you should apply for a Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card, if you are a lady and love Victoria’s Secret, it is the right choice to love it with supreme rewards. 250 points on your Angel card will help you upgrade the card to Angel VIP card, plus a $10 reward. You will also get prizes for every 250 points you earn.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Instructions
Other than the prizes for your Angel card, online access will help you pay your bills online, view statements and account historical transaction activities, manager credit limit and add authorized buyers to the account. Victoria’s Secret is cooperating with World Financial Network National Bank and hosted the card application and login at onlineaccess2.mycreditcard.cc/victoriassecret. Double check the link to make sure your private information is secured. www.vsangelcreditcard.com is not a valid link for Angel card, do not touch it. For more details about Angel card benefits you can refer to Details and Additional Benefits.

During the application, they’ll need your income information. In order to conform with Federal Law, your capability to repay this account must be taken into consideration. Your Social Security Number is also needed because the USA PATRIOT Act requires that they obtain an applicant’s Social Security Number for identification purposes prior to opening an account. They also use your Social Security Number to assist in verifying your identity and to receive information from the credit bureau. What’s more, you need finish all the information on the application. While they can process your application sans all of the requested data, the omission of information could delay the application process and could affect the decision regarding your application.

Authorized Buyers are individuals who are permitted to make purchases on your account, but are not responsible for payment of those purchases. You, as the primary account holder, will be responsible for payment on all the purchases on this account. To add an Authorized Buyer, please log in to your account and click “My Profile” to have it done.

Once you conclude and submit your application, one of two responses will be received:

  1. You could be approved. In that case, your card would be mailed within two weeks.
  2. Your application may not be able to be approved instantaneously upon receipt. If so, you would see a message explaining your application is under review and you will be contacted by mail within 7-10 working days.

If you are a Victoria’s Secret loyal customer, you should join its online customer survey at victoriassecret.com/ilovemybody offers free journey to Mii amo, join it with your friends and flash how you love your bod with the latest Victoria’s Secret bra.

About Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret is inspired by a love for lingerie, and the desire to bring beauty—and fantasy—into every woman’s wardrobe. They believe little luxuries are of grand importance. And what’s closest to your figure is always closest to our heart.

Apply for a Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card at www.vsangelcard.com.

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