Verizon Wireless Replacement Phone and Backup Assistant

Plan to upgrade your mobile phone to the latest brainy phone? Verizon Wireless offers Replacement Phone service to customers. To avoid being charged up to utter retail price, which may exceed $500,You must come back your defective device within five days of receiving your replacement.

Verizon Wireless Replacement Phone and Backup Assistant Instructions

Not only PhoneClaim.com provides cell phone replacement services, wireless carriers like Verizon also has the same offering. Verizon Wireless Replacement is where you can get your certified like-new replacement phone and activate it. You can not visit the link verizonwireless.com/replacementphone directly, login your My Verizon account and type the link in browser address bar, you will go to the right page. If you have signed up a two-year agreement on a plan that is at least $49.99 and you can purchase a fresh phone at its promotional price every year with a two-year renewal.

The device you received may be a reconditioned Certified Like-New Replacement, which will carry the remaining warranty period from the prior device, or 90 days, whichever is greater. This doesn’t limit or supersede any existing manufacturer warranty and may be considered a “warranty” or “service contract” in certain states. In these states, visit verizonwireless.com/extendedwarranty for the Extended Limited Warranty or Service Contract information.

If your device has been subjected to neglect, misuse, liquid damage, software or hardware alteration, or unreasonable wear and tear, it’s not eligible for a replacement under this program. Don’t comeback the bruised device to us or you’ll be charged up to the utter replacement value of your replacement device, which may be in excess of $500. Instead, come back the replacement device to us in the box in which it came. If you have equipment protection, contact your provider to discuss replacement options for bruised devices. Total Equipment Coverage and Wireless Phone Protection: Contact Asurion at (888) 881-2622. If you don’t have equipment protection, please visit verizonwireless.com/replacement to view your device replacement options.

Remember to activate Backup Assistant service which will protect and manage your contacts, what is more, it is very convenient to transfer information to your replacement phone with Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant, go after the procedures to activate your certified replacement phone. It is significant to save your private information from mobile devices and back up them with Verizon backup assistant before having the replacement phone. If you have a BlackBerry device smartphone, just synchronize it with your computer and download your contacts, emails, pictures, movies and music in the computer.

If your device is defective, ensue the comeback instructions below.

  1. Remove all accessories from your defective device, including battery (if removable), SD memory card (Note: Following this link will open a fresh window with the glossary page, anchored to the definition for SD memory card.), 4G LTE SIM card (Note: Following this link will open a fresh window with the glossary page, anchored to the definition for SIM card.), USB cables, etc.
  2. Insert defective device under the film of the cardboard insert found in the shipping box to ensure safe return.
  3. Place insert, with defective device under film, back inwards shipping box.
  4. Seal shipping box and link come back label. Please note your come back tracking number in case it’s needed at a afterward date.
  5. Drop off at nearest location of carrier identified on come back shipping label.

Note: Once returned to Verizon Wireless, your device can’t be returned to you.

About Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless was the first-ever national wireless provider in the United States to build and operate a large-scale 4G LTE network—the most advanced wireless network technology available, with speeds up to 10 times swifter than 3G. It launched the nation’s very first large-area 4G LTE network in the United States in December 2010, providing customers mobile access to the Internet at speeds up to 10 times quicker than before. In 2002, it was also the very first company to launch a wireless high-speed broadband 3G network. It has invested more than $80 billion since it was formed in 2000—on average more than $6 billion every year—to increase the coverage and capacity of its premier nationwide network and to suggest customers innovative services that enhance their productivity and quality of life. It  is a recognized leader in customer service, investing strenuously in services and self-service implements that consistently produce customer satisfaction. It operates more than 1,900 retail locations, including kiosks, across the country and suggest a sturdy online and call-in customer service network.

Visit VerizonWireless.com/ReplacementPhone to see when you are available for Verizon Wireless Replacement Phone.

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