Verizon Wireless Picture & Video Messaging

With Verizon Wireless Picture & Video Messaging, you will view and send picture or vid messaging easily. If you have a Verizon Wireless phone or have subscribed to a data plan, messages can be sent to the customer’s 10-digit mobile number from another mobile phone or to an email address. The email address is the customer’s 10-digit mobile number followed by [email protected] If you don’t subscribe to this service, you will be charged for receiving pix/flix messages.

Verizon pix/flix Message Online Guide
Verizon pix/flix is a service dealt with multimedia messages. With Verizon pix/flix, customers will be effortless to view the picture and vid messaging and

  1. Send and receive text and multimedia messages from your phone, tablet or the web using your Verizon Wireless phone number
  2. Personalize your messaging practice with Auto Reply and custom-built notifications
  3. Save your messages to a SD card and retrieve them any time
  4. Use the Content Finder to quickly find photos, web links and contact information in your messages

To view your Verizon pix/flix message online with picture and flick messaging, you will need to have a My Verizon account at vzw.com. You can sign in or register on the top corner of Verizon Wireless page. If you have a latest smartphone like Apple iPhone or Google Android phone, or Android tablets, then your device is buttressed to use the service. You can share video, audio message lightly with your friends and family members.

If you already log on to your account, you can read all the multimedia messages in your Inbox. Any messages you are going to send is stored at Drafts folder with subject, save time and expire time. You can reply, forward or delete those message. Send a pix/flix message is easy. Choose the media items you are going to send out and upload it from your computer, haul and drop media items to compose your slide demonstrate and rearrange them. You can save it as draft, preview and then send out. Message size are limited based on the recipient’s carrier. Note that your messages received are improvised and can be moved to a permanent gallery if you signed up for unlimited storage.

There are 4 tabs under picture & movie messaging category: overview, my media, send a message and messages. Pictures sent to or received from a Verizon Wireless phone will be stored at Pix Place where customers can create albums, share albums with others and even print the albums they like. There are also 3 folders: received messages, draft messages, sent messages.

For more information about Verizon Wireless multimedia messaging, take a look at picture.vzw.com/pub/gallery.do is the My Media link.

About Verizon Wireless
Founded in April 4, 2000 and based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Verizon Wireless is the largest mobile network operator in the United States and a recognized leader in customer service. As an innovative wireless communications wireless communications company, it operates more than 1,900 retail locations across the country and suggest a sturdy online and call-in customer service network.

Read or send picture and flick messaging at vzw.com/newpix-flix-message.

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