Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant

Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant program safeguards your mobile phone’s address book and automatically saves a copy of the names, phone numbers, and email addresses stored in your mobile phone.

Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant Review
With Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant, you can lightly transfer your saved address book to your fresh phone if your phone is lost, stolen or you determine to upgrade. Automatically back up you mobile contracts to your online address book will make sure the sync will be what you want. You can also choose online editing, import an export contracts.

The specific reason why you should use Backup Assistant is as follows:

  • Automatic Backup. Automatically back up your mobile contacts to your online address book. Never worry about losing a name or number again.
  • Easy Transfer. If your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, or you determine to upgrade, lightly restore your saved address book to your fresh phone.
  • Online Editing. Add, delete, edit and print your contacts online and send the switches to your mobile phone.
  • Import and Export Contacts. Now you can import contacts directly to your online address book and sync with your phone. Or, export your contacts to your dearest location.

Besides, there are 6steps for you to learn more about Backup Assistant:

  1. Verify If Your Device Is Compatible
  2. Install and Set Up Backup Assistant
  3. Back Up Contacts
  4. Restore Contacts
  5. Manage Contacts Online with the Backup Assistant Website
  6. Troubleshooting

Backup Assistant is now part of My Verizon Wireless services sans subscription fees at verizonwireless.com/backupassistant.

iPhone 5 is coming soon, are you planning to purchase a fresh iPhone 5? Will you buy it from AT&T; or Verizon Wireless or Sprint? Why?

Visit www.werizonwireless.com/backupassistant to learn more about the service and activate it in your account.

About Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless is a mobile network operator that offers wireless voice, messaging and data products and services to customers in the United States. Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless communications services provider in the United States with 108.7 million subscribers as of the end of 2011.

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