Useful Tips When Applying for a Retail Credit Card

You most likely have been asked the question “Would you like to save an extra 10 percent today ” when checking out at a supermarket or retail. Faced with this question, did you ensue the suggestions of the saleswoman to apply for store credit card in exchange for an instant discount? If you did, have you ever considered the influence of it on your credit or finance life? In fact, based on a survey, twenty-one % of Americans have store credit cards over the past two years but 45% of those did not notice the influence of them on future life. Some of these cards provide customers with many benefits and rewards, but others may not as good as you’d think. Thus, you should read the terms and offers cautiously before packing out the card application.

  • Read Card Terms Carefully

Usually the saleswoman will explain to you the benefits of the credit card and how it will help you save more. But that’s not enough. What is the APR? What is the credit limit? Can the offers only be used on your very first purchase or still can be used for continued savings? You need to figure out these terms but not only limit to those above. For example, Lowe’s consumer credit card offers customers special financing and 5% off discount suggest but these two offers can not be combined. In short, albeit discounts and benefits are tempting, they are not the only reason that supports you apply for retail credit card.

  • Pay Attention to Benefits and Offers

Benefits and discounts are the most significant reasons for most people who apply for retail credit cards. Usually different retailers may suggest benefits in various forms. If you have a store credit card for Sam’s Club Discover credit card permits members to earn up to 2% cash back and Sam’s savings members can earn up to 1% cash back.

  • Use Your Retail Credit Card in Daily Life

Once you have applied for a store credit card, attempt to use it regularly, not just at shopping center. Some retail credit cards support discounts in indicated spots. ExxonMobil intimate credit cardholders can pay for everything from gas at the pump to food and supplies at over 10,000 Exxon and Mobil

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