Use Verizon Wireless Phone Number to Send Integrated Messaging

Of course, you can send messaging by your phone but now your tablet and computer can also send and receive if you register your Verizon Wireless phone number online. Besides sending messaging, check your minutes and messages, switch or reset your voice mail password and many other functions are also available.

Send Integrated Messaging Instructions
With integrated messaging, users can love a seamless messaging practice on phone, tablet and web. You are permitted to personalize your messaging practice with Auto Reply, group messaging with up to 20 friends, use contact from your phone address book with Verizon Cloud. All you need is to sign in with your phone number.

  1. Visit www.vtext.com.
  2. Click on “Sign in” button on the homepage.
  3. If you have already registered, please inject your user ID or mobile number to get started. Or please hit “Register” button on the right side.
  4. By coming in your mobile number, you can register online. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQs on the right side.
  5. Once you have signed up, please go to the integrated messaging page and inject your name, send to who and message into the required field. Click on “Send” button to continue.
  6. For security purposes, please inject the verification code into the box.
  7. You can check the status of a preceding text message sent by injecting the recipient of the message and the Tracking ID.

Send and receive text and multimedia messages at www.vtext.com and refer to FAQs (See

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