Use MyCheckFree Online & Mobile Payment

Two major concern over online & mobile billing and payment service are more or less related to operation and security. You can choose not to believe a thing about what’s on the ads but user practice speaks for itself. MyCheckFree is such an e-payment service permitting to pay your e-bills for free at one easy, secure location.

MyCheckFree Online Billing and Payment Instructions
You can receive or pay bills from or to MyCheckFree participating companies. With a MyCheckFree sign-in ID and password, you are able to process payment and view bills from one personalized and secured place. Just leave the gam work to Scout, the Bill Retriever.

Visit www.mycheckfree.com and click “Go Scout! Enroll”. If you have a Windows Live ID, you can sign in to MyCheckFree with this ID, otherwise you need to provide your intimate and account information to enroll. The e-mail address you provided is your sign-in ID.

After you sign in, you can

  • View a finish list of online bills and select the bills you want to pay
  • Choose how much, when and from which account you want to pay
  • Check the past 6-month record of your payment activity and who needs to be paid next
  • Print a paper copy of your bill statements

Although this service is free of charge, Emergency Payments is an exception. When you need to make a last-minute payment to a biller, you may be charged a fee by some billers for same-day payments or payments made using credit cards. There’s no need to sign in to make an Emergency Payment. Just click the biller’s name to schedule your payment or call your biller using the information suggested on the “Emergency Payments” page.

You can access FAQ and a finish list of participating billers from MyCheckFree main menu at www.mycheckfree.com. Don’t leave behind to check

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