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Business owners have to deal with the daunting task of transaction management. You may need an all-in-one method to monitor your accounts or those of a client, to centrally manage your resources if you have offices in different places, to minimize mail float and reduce clerical costs, to  control which employees have access to which accounts and the types of transactions they can perform, and more. If you find yourself having such a need, you may consider CitiBusiness Online.

CitiBusiness Online Solutions to Meet Your Needs Overview
CitiBusiness Online provides solutions on account management, information reporting, receivables, payables, funds management, and security and accountability.

  • Account management solutions. Business holder always face summons when they need to monitor their accounts or those of a client, since they issue many a check and make deposits at different locations. With CitiBusiness Online, biz holder are able to view real-time account activity, access online statements (7 year history), online bill payments, and online check photos (90 day history). You no longer need to waste time on inefficient manual in-house check reconciliation, but can reduce check fraud, list unpaid checks in numerical order, and identify where deposits were made. Being able to centrally manage your resources if your offices are geographically dispersed will certainly increase account management efficiency.
  • Receivable solutions. Processing payments from different locations is laborious and time-consuming. If your company receives a excellent many remittances with OCR-scannable coupons, or issues invoices with detailed information, then CitiBusiness Online will be helpful. It enables your company to have swifter access to available cash and instant access to incoming wire details while minimizes mail float.
  • Information reporting solutions. You may need to download account information to your company’s financial software, CitiBanking  Online makes it possible. You can download your account information to Microsoft Money (CVS), Quicken (QIF), and BAI.
  • Security and accountability solutions. Account management is important, CitiOnline Banking enables you to set user entitlements to control which employees have access to which accounts and the types of transactions they can perform, as well as numerous signers in some cases.
  • Funds management solutions. You must want to maximize the comeback on your excess balances while ensure that your account is adequately funded for your outstanding payables. CitiBank Online permits you to invest in a broad range of short-term investment products.

CitiBank Online is at www.citibusinessonline.com, click on “Get Online Access” button, then click on “Start Online Enrollment” button and answer the question on the next page about how you would like to originally set up your business. Complete all required information and take the printed form to a Citibank Financial Center for processing.

If you have any question, you can call 1-800-285-1709.

About Citi Bank
Citibank is the consumer banking division of financial services multinational Citigroup. In addition to standard banking transactions, Citibank markets insurance, credit cards and investment products. Its online services division is among the most fortunate in the field claiming about 15 million users.

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