USBank DCS ReliaCard

You can use your User ID to access your card information online at DCS ReliaCard official site. If you are very first time signing on, you can click the link to enroll, if you leave behind your User ID, you can click the link to get your User ID back. Mobile banking is also available here, with which you can check your account balance, view statements and even pay bills online.

USBank DCS ReliaCard Instructions
You can use your ReliaCard over the phone, at sites or for everyday purchases in such places as:

  1. Grocery Stores
  2. Gas Stations
  3. Restaurants
  4. Video Stores
  5. Retail Stores
  6. Medical and Dental Offices
  7. Airlines
  8. Hotels and Motels

You can also get online account information anytime at USBank DCS ReliaCard official site to view your balance, check your account activity, switch your PIN. Call ReliaCard Cardmember Services, day or night, at 866-363-4136 to obtain balance information, report a card lost or stolen, request other assistance.

About USBank DCS ReliaCard
The ReliaCard is a reloadable, prepaid debit card issued by U.S. Bank. The ReliaCard provides an electronic option for receiving your government agency payments. This card works similar to any other debit card. The ReliaCard may be used to make purchases everywhere debit cards are accepted. It can be used to pay bills, and for online, phone and mail order purchases. Cardholders can also withdraw cash at ATMs, banks or credit unions or by getting cash back with purchases at Interlink merchants. The amounts of purchases or cash withdrawals are automatically deducted from the available balance on the card.

Check your DCS ReliaCard account status at www.dcscard.com.

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