US police have arrested a 10-year-old, an autistic boy in the school

Us police have arrested a 10-year-old boy who suffers from autism, during the exam in school.

As writes the newspaper The Washington Post, the incident occurred in the U.S. state of Florida. The arrest of the boy became known thanks to a video his mother captured and posted to social networks.

Law enforcement officials were in educational institution and arrested 10-year-old boy with autism, came to school for the exam.

It is noted that the police called the teacher who had previously worked with this kid after confirmation of the diagnosis “autism”. A few months ago, in October of last year, the boy kicked the teacher, after which he said that after the blow suffered significant damage.

Because of this incident, the boy stopped going to classes at school and studied at home, but was forced to come to the institution April 12 for passing the common examination, where he learned the teacher and called the police.

As a result, 10-year-old autistic detained, and he spent the night in the police station. Law enforcement officials stated that the diagnosis of the detainee wasn’t known to them.