UEFA accused WADA in erroneous disqualification of the player “Liverpool”

Disqualification of defender Mamadou Sakho was unreasonable. WADA suspended the player for the use of a substance that was banned

UEFA has claimed the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) regarding the disqualification of Liverpool defender Sakho who failed a doping test in 2016. Because of this disqualification, the Frenchman has not played in the semifinals and finals of the Europa League, and also missed the Euro 2016.

Sakho was disqualified for the use of higenamine, a substance contained in medication for weight loss. However, as reported by UEFA, this substance was not included in the list of banned drugs.

“Higenamine was not in the list of forbidden substances of WADA. The laboratory in Cologne have tested the sample with Sakho on higenamine, but she should first obtain guidance from WADA, is there a way to check this material, and whether the presence of higenamine in the sample player violation. Laboratory in Lausanne do not conduct tests on higenamine, and, accordingly, if the sample Sakho was sent to Switzerland, he would not be disqualified. The responsibility for informing the laboratories about what is included and not included in the list of prohibited substances on the WADA obviously lies. And it is also clear that communication between WADA and the labs, at least in the issue of higenamine, which suggests that the analysis of some substances is incorrect,” the Telegraph quoted the statement of UEFA.

Sako was suspended for 30 days 28 April 2016. A month later, UEFA has justified the player having come to the conclusion that his actions were not of malice, but France coach Didier Deschamps still does not take the player to the European championship as by that point the team had already been approved. Liverpool Sakho also had more of a single match. The leadership of the English club stated that the player had no right to take any medications without notifying the team doctors, and Sakho was loaned to the “crystal Palace”. Also the reason Sakho was the conflict of the player with the Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp.

This season Sakho has played for the “crystal Palace” in just four matches. One of the bidders for the Frenchman next season is the Moscow “Spartak”.