Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program

Toyota will give 100 cars over 100 days to organizations that could truly use a fresh set of wheels from May 9, 2011 till August 16, 2011. You can determine which organization will win today’s car but voting online.

Attention: The program is finished, you can visit Toyota Facebook page for more information.

Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program Instructions
Only users from United States are eligible for Toyota 100 Cars for Good program at facebook.com/toyota. Each day’s winner will be announced at this page within 72 hours of the end of each daily voting period. Today’s contestants include SPCA of Winchester, Frederick & Clarke Countries, Helping People Succeed, Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation, Monterey Bay Horsemanship & Therapeutic Center and American national Red Cross-Black Hills Area Chapter. Which one you are going to vote and why? No matter which one you vote and which team win, it is a supreme way for Toyota to set up the program and prizes those teams.

Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program process
Apply-March 12th: Thousands of nonprofits from across the country submitted application explaining what type of good they do and why they deserve a fresh vehicle.

Review-March 26th: Starting March 26, an independent panel of socially conscious judges, including experts in the world of philanthropy and nonprofits, reviewed the most compelling applications. Each application was certified and 500 organizations were chosen as finalists.

Get ready-April 10th: After the 500 finalists were announced, each organization received details about their assigned voting date, plus a toolkit to help tell voters why their organization needs a car. Leading up to the date of their vote, finalists worked to rally support and get voters excited about the organizations’ chance to win a brand-new Toyota.

Vote-May 14th: Starting May 14 thru August 21, it’s the voters’ turn to do their own good deed by voting for their fave organizations and causes. All voters have to do is log in to their Facebook profile and use the 100 Cars for Good app to vote on one of that day’s five nonprofit organizations. Each afternoon, the former day’s winner is announced and a fresh batch of five finalist organizations will be ready to challenge for votes. Vote once a day because each vote counts and each day brings another fresh car to another deserving organization.

About Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program
Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program is a Facebook-enabled philanthropy initiative whereby Toyota will give away 100 cars in 100 days to 100 eligible nonprofit charitable organizations.

Each day for 100 days, online voters will choose which of five nonprofits will take home a fresh set of wheels. The organization who receives the most votes at the end of the day takes home a brand fresh Toyota.

Vote the team is worth free Toyota car at www.facebook.com/toyota and apps.facebook.com/carsforgood/.

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