Topps Million Dollar Chase Sweepstakes

The 2013 Major League Baseball regular season began on March, 31st and will end on September, 29th. During the period, Topps corporation, a leading producer of sports cards, is sponsoring a sweepstakes program – Topps Million Dollar Chase. Any participant will have the chance to win the very first prize $1 million or Topps trading cards. No purchase necessary.

Topps Million Dollar Chase Sweepstakes Instructions
Topps Million Dollar Chase Sweepstakes program is opened to both American and Canadian residents except ones from Alaska, Hawaii, Québec Province, Puerto Rico and where prohibited by law or the employees and their instant dependents. Before drawings, you need the codes printed on a Million Dollar Chase Code Card randomly inserted in the packs of 2013 Topps Baseball Series 1 and Series 2. For a chance to obtain a 1MCC sans purchase at the same odds, print your name, age (if under 21) and conclude address on a 3” x 5” card, enclose in a biz size (#10) envelope and mail to 2013 Topps Million Dollar Chase NPN, P.O. Box 785, Pittston, PA 18640. Request must be postmarked by 7/15/2013 and received by 7/19/2013.

You are permitted to draw up to three times per day. If you are interested, just sign in for joy and prizes.

  1. Enter the homepage and click the “Login” or “Register” button in the navigation bar below for landing or signing up.
  2. Input the codes in the box and hit the “UNLOCK PALYERS” button. If the code is accepted, one major Major League Baseball regular season player will be randomly allocated to your roster. One randomly assigned player per accepted code.
  3. Continue to come in codes for more players to build your roster. Meanwhile, you can manage them in the “ROSTER” part.
  4. Click “MY STREAKS”, you may activate a hitter for one or more streaks when the season begin. If he gets a hit in the match, you will have a streak going. Otherwise, you will lose him from you roster or regain him with another code. Continue to rack up hits, you most likely earn:
  • 5 Game Streak – Win a free code to unlock another player and be entered into a raffle to win an autographed card.
  • 10 Game Streak – First 2,500 players to hit in a 10 game streak will win an off the hook coin card.
  • 15 Game Streak – First 1,000 players to hit in a 15 game streak will win an autographed cards.
  • 20 Game Streak – First 20 players to hit in a 20 game streak will win a set of coin cards.
  • 25 Game Streak – First 10 players to hit in a 25 game streak will win a set of autograph cards.
  • 60 Game Streak – First player to hit in a 60 game streak will win $1,000,000.

You may pay continual attention to the result by referring to the “LEADERBOARDS” column in your account where relative information on the top 10 current and longest streaks is accessible.

Supposing that you would like to learn the program in detail, just view “How to Play” and “Official Rules” at thechase.toppscards.com.

About Topps
Topps, founded in 1938, is a chewing gum, candy and collectibles manufacturer. Its headquarter is in New York, America. Since the middle 20th century, it has been in the biz of old school trading cards including Major League Baseball and National Football League etc. On October 12, 2007, Topps was acquired and taken private by Michael Eisner’s Tornante Company and Madison Dearborn Partners. Since the establishment, Topps has boasted many well-liked and lucky brands, remaining ahead of many competitors.

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