Top Online Retailers for Athletic Shoes and Sneakers for Women

Top Online Retailers for Athletic Shoes and Sneakers for Women

Brooks Running Spring 2012

Athletic shoes and sneakers have been around for decades, but it has always been a little difficult finding the right level of choice for the shoes you want to buy, especially if you’re a woman. Women have as many options as men in this market, but finding the retailer that can give you those options is not as simple as it may seem at first. We are going to look at a couple of high quality online retailers in this article, and see what they offer in this regard. Do they give women what they want in athletic shoes and sneakers? Or are they a huge let down?


First up is the mighty 6pm.com. These guys have ruled the online retail world for a while now, and their offering is diverse to say the least. They don’t just sell shoes, but also clothing and a ton of other stuff, from handbags to eyewear. But the good news is they do offer athletic shoes and sneakers, with a great range for women.

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I bought a pair of Sketchers Spring Fever for just over $49.99, and they fitted well, were great to run in, and were delivered in just a couple of days. What’s more, the guys at 6pm.com even called me afterwards to see if I liked the shoes.

Sketchers Spring Fever 1

Sketchers Spring Fever brings a fresh perspective to your workout

There’s free shipping on everything, and some great offers that are generally brand specific. So if you’re looking for a particular brand, chances are they will offer a discount on that brand at some point. It’s a great retailer, and the best thing about the site is that it is so easy to use. You can find what you want within minutes.


Our next store is Finishline.com, and this is a real winner. While the retailer sells a ton of other stuff, including plenty of great sports apparel, it is well known for the athletic shoes and sneakers it stocks.

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You will find every brand under the sun here, and they are all reasonably priced. I purchased a pair of Nike Air Pegasus form these guys at just $99.99, and I have to say I was incredibly impressed with the customer service. Friendly and polite, they even called twice to check I had received my order and that all was fine. Great shoes, too.

Nike Air pegasus 31

The Nike Air Pegasus 31 Running Shoes are a great choice when it comes to fit, comfort, and stability.

They have a fantastic loyalty scheme where you get to save more money the more you spend. This can run up to some pretty impressive savings ($20 every $100) so it is well worth investigating.

I’d recommend this retailer simply because they have one of the most impressive line-ups for product I have ever seen. Simply every shoe you could possibly want is represented here, and with clear navigation and some of the bets customer service I’ve experienced in any retail sector, it’s a fantastic place to shop.

Both these stores are great for athletic shoes and sneakers for women. In fact, they pretty much show everyone else how it is done. If you need a pair of running shoes pretty quickly, you now know where to go.