To replace the light bulbs that the electrician will give a half hour


30 minutes — so long will the superintendent to fix the blown in house wiring or to replace light bulb in the stairwell. To work strictly according to the new quality standard of services will have soon all the managing companies.

A draft resolution of the Russian Government prepares the Ministry of construction. The new standard is voluntary. His failure to office of the superintendent will lose their license. In the rules it is planned to prescribe a clear time frame for the implementation of a particular work. For example, to cope with the blockage in the pipes or garbage disposal the masters will have a maximum of two hours. And Troubleshooting of internal networks electricians will give only half an hour. As a result, tenants do not have days or weeks to wait, and when finally at the entrance will be a new light bulb to replace a blown. In addition, the Ministry of construction decided to establish the requirements and to the premises of dispatch (in the document they are referred to as client centres management company). On the future standard of the reception room of the population needs to be equipped so that people do not have to huddle in the hallway or chat with the superintendent in the sweltering heat. In each data center public utilities will have to equip the dressing room and hold ventilation. Also citizens do not have to run to the Bank to pay for water or gas: in the client center will necessarily be a terminal for payment of utility bills. Schedule client offices will be convenient for residents late weekdays plus Saturdays. One more requirement — the presence of a computer stands with access to the GIS utilities on the website of the management company.