The United States will are forbidden to carry electronic devices in aircraft

Authorities in the United States are planning to ban passengers from bringing in Airliners, including hand baggage, of any electronic gadgets. The ban will affect those flights which arrive in the U.S. from a number of countries in the Middle East.

photo: Wikipedia

The decision was announced, a source close to the White house. According to him, on a new measure President Donald trump will announce today, March 21.

“U.S. authorities plan in the near future to prevent you from bringing electronic devices aboard aircraft arriving from over a dozen countries,” said a source whose words are quoted by Reuters, adding that this measure would be anti-terrorist in nature.

According to the source, these measures will relate only to the large electronic devices, which in size surpass mobile phones. But cell phones in the “black list”, fortunately, will not fall.

“The ban will apply to the aircraft a dozen foreign airlines including countries in the Middle East. So, the ban will affect companies based in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. As for American carriers, their tough new rules will not affect” – said a source in the White house.

“This measure is not tied to any specific threat, but which became known to the US authorities, but it is consistent with the intelligence that was gathered by U.S. intelligence abroad”, – said the representative of the White house.

The source added that currently the Ministry of internal security of the United States is in the process of notifying countries and airlines on a new measure of security.