The team’s largest project to search for alien shared the first results

Specialists representing the project Breakthrough Listen, presented 11 the most interesting events recorded by them, which could be a result of the activities of alien civilizations. For this, specialists have analyzed a few petabytes-that is, millions of gigabytes of data.


Experts analyzed information about the signals from 692 different stars obtained with the radio telescope, green Bank, located in West Virginia, as well as a number of other observatories. According to experts, they have developed a number of criteria, allowing to distinguish probable “message aliens” as from impulses of natural origin, coming to the Earth from distant stars and signals for the “space” are only wrong because in reality their source was on the Ground.

Experts highlighted 11 of the most unusual signal of “trapped” in the course of the project. However, experts admit that even they, most likely, in reality messages are not aliens, even in the case of each of them, the probability of such origin is present.

Breakthrough Listen — the project to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life in the Universe, which started in July 2015 and will last 10 years. Today it is considered the most “comprehensive” attempt to search for extraterrestrial intelligent life. The estimated project budget is $ 100 million. The program was launched at the initiative of Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and the British scientist Stephen Hawking.

It is worth noting that many scientists believe it is possible the existence of alien civilizations, albeit with justified skepticism includes news about aliens and UFOs. Almost all serious experts at the same doubt that once people encounter reasonable aliens “personally”, although, for example, the aforementioned Stephen Hawking does not exclude even the colonization of Earth by aliens.