The state Duma rejected the “law of the Rothenberg”

Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC

The state Duma has rejected a controversial law on compensation from the budget for unjust decisions of foreign courts. In the first reading the legislative initiative was approved by a narrow margin of votes

The state Duma rejected the so-called Rotenberg law — on compensation from the budget for unjust decisions of foreign courts, reports RBC.

A bill on compensation for the decisions of foreign courts were introduced shortly after the deterioration of relations between Russia and Ukraine. Deputies do not exclude that it can be useful in cases of illegal seizure of property of Russian business in Ukraine.

Its purpose was to protect the rights of Russian citizens affected by unjust decisions of foreign courts. The initiative was also aimed at the protection of Russian property located on foreign territory. It was assumed that the citizens of Russia who have suffered from unjust decisions of foreign courts, can claim compensation from the Federal budget. At the same time, Russian authorities were given the right to claim damages from the States, which courts took out illegal decisions.

The introduction of the bill in the Duma coincided with the arrest in Italy of the property of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg in the amount of approximately €30 million to the Authors of the document deputies-United Russia — has confirmed to journalists that in case of adoption of the law Rotenberg, along with other citizens of Russia can apply for compensation from the Federal budget.

The bill was approved in the state Duma in the first reading on 8 October. Then, for the law voted 233 deputies, against — 202. The parliamentary opposition called the bill a “warmth,” noting that the budget has no money for this compensation.

The Supreme and Supreme arbitration court also criticized the bill even before the first reading, reports “Kommersant”. Deputy Chairman of the Supreme court Vasily Nechaev, who was the author of the opinion, then noted that the court considers it “inappropriate to pass on to taxpayers the risks of individual organizations and citizens, in respect of which decisions of foreign courts, including in cases when they themselves initiated the proceedings before the foreign court”.

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme arbitration court (IAC) Tatiana Andreeva recalled that a similar bill was introduced in March 2013 by the Deputy from “United Russia” Mikhail Starshinov. Then YOU in my opinion pointed out that in relations between States “the rules of international law and presentation of property claims by one state to another under the legislation of one of them is not consistent with the principles of international law”

In preparing the bill a second reading, the deputies came to the conclusion “unnecessary” the proposed changes to the legislation: necessary to protect the interests of citizens and the state standards already in place have reported to the relevant Committee. At the same time, compensation for Russians affected by the decisions of foreign courts, would entail additional Federal budget expenditures, this conclusion of the Committee.