The state Duma has forbidden to call children by numbers, and swear words

Photo: Ruslan shamukov / TASS

The state Duma has forbidden to give their children exotic names, such as numerals, characters, symbols, obscene words, abusive language or indications of the titles and ranks. The project was submitted to the Duma a year ago

The state Duma has forbidden to give their children exotic names, such as numbers, punctuation, offensive words or abusive language. The bill was approved in its third and final reading, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Thus, the adopted law complements the Family code a provision stating that the choice of the parents name of the child is not allowed to use digits, alphanumeric symbols. Never use numerals, symbols, and characters that are not letters (except for the sign “hyphen”) and swear words indicate the positions or titles. The child’s name will be recorded on the parental agreement.

In this case, remain in force amendment, which allows children at birth to give a double surname. Now double surname may be elected at the time of the marriage, and the child could be obtained only if both names were already one of the parents.

So, now the law allows by agreement of the parents to give the child the surname of the father, mother or both names formed by joining two names of the parents in any sequence.

Prior to the adoption of this bill, the Registrar’s office had no right to refuse to register the name of the child because of his name, insulting or naprasnosti.

The bill was submitted to the Duma a year ago, April 21, 2016. The author of the legislative initiative by Senator Valentina Petrenko. Petrenko explained that the law was not intended to restrict parents but to protect children’s rights to a name that does not violate his interests.

Foreign experience

In some countries there are restrictions on the names that can be given to children. For example, in Britain and Wales the employees of the registry is advised to register the names of children, consisting of a sequence of letters and does not contain insults. The only restriction on name length is that it allows to fit it on the sign-in sheet.

In USA the restrictions when giving a name to a child varies from state to state. In some States there is a limit to the length of the name associated with the features used by the registration software. For the same reasons in other States you cannot use numbers or icons.

Since 1993, the child in France can be named anything you like. The question of whether the name is contrary to the interests of the child, decide registered bodies.

In Germany as names for children not to use names, and product names or objects. The decision on conformity of the name of the child’s eligibility takes special Department. In addition, each time you have to pay a fee, so a large number of attempts to name baby exotic name cost is very expensive.