The son of the Deputy of the state Duma was given 27 years in prison for fraud

A Federal court in Seattle has sentenced a Russian citizen Roman Seleznev in the case of fraud. The son of the Deputy of the state Duma, who is accused of theft of more than a million credit cards, was given 27 years in prison. While prosecutors had asked for 30 years imprisonment, but Federal judge Richard Jones could designate any period of time, even a lifetime.


The judge found that Seleznev “devoted his life” crimes, and constantly tried to hinder the administration of justice, RIA Novosti reported. The second factor he admitted aggravating circumstance. Sentencing, Jones said that society must be protected from further crimes.

32-year-old Roman Seleznev had recently given grateful evidences. In 2014 in the Maldives detained by agents of the U.S. Secret service and brought to the American continent. The prosecution argued that the computer Selezneva found evidence of 1.7 million stolen credit card numbers, and all was stolen three million credit cards.

Judge Jones called the injury “extreme” (it was estimated at $170 million), but took into account a mitigating circumstance, namely, a difficult childhood Selezneva. The defendant was told that then living in a communal apartment, his mother died of alcohol poisoning. In 2011, he became the victim of a terrorist attack in Marrakech, and he left his wife, not wanting to care for him.

According to his confession, hacking is self taught, and after the first sale of stolen credit card data has become greedy.

State Duma Deputy Vladimir Seleznev called the sentence son “is a foregone conclusion and cannibalistic”. The materials of the case to see him not given, but he did not believe his son guilty. A prison term in a foreign country after the kidnapping he called torture, and given the disability of the accused – double.