The soloist of group “Brilliant” confirmed the news about her pregnancy

Popular singer, soloist of group “Brilliant” confirmed the news about her pregnancy: Nadia Pen and her husband Denis indeed soon become parents. Now Nadia is on the fifth month of pregnancy. That she will become a mother soon, soloist of the “Brilliant” learned in New year’s eve, pregnancy of the wife did not plan and was very happy such a wonderful surprise. Especially Dennis, with whom Nadia met almost three years, has already managed to make her a formal offer hands and hearts.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

“I know that now I’m ready for motherhood. Apparently, we feel it is in the subconscious, and this miracle happens to a woman at the time when the next beloved appears, you’re ready to be life. Dennis is very happy.” commented Nadia Handle.

The most piquant in this situation is that the couple had just completed a Grand renovation in the apartment, and now everything will have to be rebuilt taking into account the interests of the baby.