The slaughter of the FSB staged a neo-Nazi: the assailant died from his bullets

Unprecedented in its daring attack on the reception of the FSB carried out in Khabarovsk on Friday, April 21. 18-year-old opened indiscriminate fire at security officials and visitors waiting room. Killing two employees of FSB, and also happened to be inside the interpreter.

The shooter himself, consisting, according to some, neo-fascist organizations, and then bumped into radical Islam, was killed by a bullet fired by himself.

Late in the evening in the house, where lived an attacker, the security forces had found and arrested eight suspects.

The scene. Photo: DVHAB.RU

According to preliminary information, the young man was in the FSB call for conversation because of its possible connection with terrorists. The meeting with law enforcers, he, apparently, had prepared thoroughly. According to sources familiar with the situation, a suspect having links with terrorists have taken “Saiga” and two pistols Yarygin.

The young man walked up to the reception building of the FSB in the Khabarovsk about 17 PM (10.00 GMT). Before opening fire indiscriminately, he rang the doorbell and deception caused outside intelligence officer and interpreter. The visitor allegedly promised to convey to the security forces complete list of local extremists. However, the “deal” did not take place.

As soon as on the threshold appeared the employee of FSB Department on fight against terrorism and the accompanying interpreter, a young man opened fire from a pistol. When the first victim fell dead, he confidently went into the waiting room.

No demands and not coming to the area of tekhkontrol, the intruder again started shooting already for the visitors, who, to his misfortune, was in a real trap. During the indiscriminate firing, he killed another employee of power Department.

Interpreter, were taken to hospital with a chest wound, could not be saved. Both died on a place employees of FSB have been for 25 years. One of them had a wife and child.

According to eyewitnesses, the young man “shot at those who were seen.” And who knows how many more people would have sent it to the light, if not for his bullet, a ricochet caught him in the head. As a result of wounds the attacker died on the spot.

Next to the arrow was discovered the bag, which suggested the security forces, the bomb was stored. At the emergency arrived sappers explosive device was found. The street next to the FSB building was immediately blocked by soldiers of Regardie or to the building or to nearby institutions and local residents during the day missed.

Later it was found and the identity of the attacker. They found 18-year-old local resident Anton Konev. In the power Department said that a few years ago, Konev was in the neo-Nazi organization and was even on the account at the security forces. And two years ago, according to some, he converted to Islam.

Now the police checked the involvement of Konev’s yet another crime that he could commit before his visit to the FSB. The fact that the weapon he carried at the rear of the secret service, belonged to one of the shooting-hunting clubs Khabarovsk. Ibid. on Friday, April 21, in the back room was found the body of the range instructor. The man was shot. From the club the attackers came almost all the weapons — about 40 units.

On the same day, security forces had raided the village of Gorki, where he lived arrows. Law enforcement officers detained eight men there.