The President of “Abrau-Durso” became the owner of a network of clubs of martial arts

Pavel Titov

Photo: Sergey Avduevskii / IDR-FORMAT / TASS

The President of the wine house “Abrau-Durso” Pavel Titov became the owner of a chain of Thai Boxing clubs in the Moscow region. The deal stems from the personal passions of the entrepreneur, as the investment attractiveness of this business is low, experts say

Wine and Boxing

The President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Abrau-Durso” Pavel Titov is the owner of 100% of OOO “skbi “Varyag”, was at the end of February 2017, from the SPARK database. The company is associated with the development of sports clubs.

Pavel Titov confirmed to RBC that he owns a chain of sports clubs, martial arts. According to the businessman, he started Thai Boxing in “the Vikings” two years ago.

Network “Varyag” has been around since 2008 and, according to her, is the largest in the Moscow region. It includes 15 clubs in Moscow and the Moscow region (Train, Podolsk and Scherbinka), which conducted training in three areas — mixed martial arts (MMA), Boxing and Thai Boxing. However, the specialization of clubs, Thai Boxing, said Pavel Titov.

On the club’s website stated that the summer camp of the club will be held in Abrau-Dyurso. However, as stressed in an interview with RBC Pavel Titov, “Varyag” was his personal project, not associated with business “Abrau-Durso”. The decision to enter a new business he took at the end of 2016. For combining previously disparate clubs creation of a single legal entity.

The amount of the transaction Titov did not disclose. Deputy Director for operations of the network of fitness clubs X-Fit Irina Tumanov believes that “the former owners were able to arrange a very reasonable cost up to a million for the club”. Thus, the cost of the entire network could be 15 million rubles, a Representative of fight club “Sparta” believes that the maximum price of the asset is about 24 million rubles, while the profit can be only the clubs located in Moscow.

Who is Pavel Titov

Pavel Titov is the son of the Commissioner of the Russian President for human entrepreneurs Boris Titov. After my dad left the civil service since June 2012 when he took over the wine house “Abrau-Durso”, where he held the position of Director for investments and strategy and develop international projects. Pavel Titov graduated from London’s Cass Business School. From 2005 to 2009 he worked in banks Merrill Lynсh and ABN Amro, focusing on M&A transactions in Russia and CIS countries and debt markets.

Log in Vegas

Later, Titov plans to transfer about 40% of the “skbi “Varyag” to other partners. Some of them are investors of people in relation to “the Vikings,” said Titov. He also added, that does not preclude business growth and access to other cities.

“Thai Boxing is very popular today, this sport is gaining momentum,” confirms the President of Federation of Thai Boxing in Moscow Grigory Drozd. It is estimated that today in Moscow there are more than hundreds of specialized clubs and Thai Boxing about 2.5 thousand people. However, as said Thrush, “the Vikings” is one of the most famous clubs in the Moscow region.

Photo: from the official group “skbi “Varyag” Vkontakte

In September 2017, “Varyag” is going to open a flagship club in under construction in the Kuntsevo shopping center Vegas. As told Titov, the club’s total area of 1.3 thousand square meters and will include two of the ring and the area of crossfit. Thus, it will be one of the biggest in Moscow. To name the sum of investments into the club in Kuntsevo Titov found it difficult, citing the fact that it is in the design stage. However, the value of similar objects, the businessman estimates range from 18 million to 25 million rubles. “part of the project funding I, part hope to attract from outside”, — said Titov.

The amount of investment in such a project is difficult to predict, confirms Irina Tumanova from X-Fit. Costs depend on the conditions of rental rates, the level of finishing of the club, the equipment used and the skills of employees.

Specialized fight clubs usually marginally profitable, as “focused on professional athletes, which partly free, and children’s clubs,” adds the head of a network fitness-clubs World Gym in Russia Olga Kiseleva. In her opinion, the purchase of “Varyag” may be due to “some political considerations” or involvement of the investor to specific types of activities as “investment attractiveness of this project is not very high.”

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