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As BT phone switch roles lookup and people switch sides lookup site, the Phone Book online contains number information for both People and Businesses, including organizations such as government figures and charities. It is a telephone number information service not a postal address service and only display the details of customers (businesses and private individuals) whose numbers show up in BT’s printed Phone Books.

The Phone Book Instructions
For general inquiries about the website, call 0845 845 0192. BT updates the database every day. Mobile and Fax numbers are listed at the customer’s request. The Phone Book online uses source data from a core database to which all licensed Telecommunications Operators and Service Providers submit their customer’s directory data. With residential, biz and classified numbers in one book and 168 local editions, numbers have never been lighter to find in The Phone Book. You can find a business, a person, UK area codes and international codes. Besides, you can also set your chooses by selecting languages and number of results. International dialing codes are switched from time to time. Its data will be updated to reflect these switches once they have confirmation of the switches that are made.

To make an international call all you need to do is:

  1. Dial the International Access Code of the country you are calling from, e.g. from the UK this is ’00’
  2. Dial the Country Code for the country you are calling to e.g. for the USA this is ‘1’
  3. Dial the Area Code (if there is one) e.g. for San Francisco this is ‘415’
  4. Finally, dial the phone number of the person you want to call

To carry out a Business type search, you can use either capitals or lower case letters to come in the necessary information:

  1. To find a number for a biz when you don’t know the name, select the ‘Business type’ search link.
  2. Enter the type of biz you are looking for (eg. Florist) and the location eg. a town name or Post Code (not both) and click on ‘search’.
  3. The search will always attempt and match to the type of biz you have entered in the ‘Business type’ field eg. if you type in ‘Hotel’ in the ‘Business type’ field, we will match to the classification of ‘Hotels and Inns’ and give you results for the area you’ve specified in the ‘Location’ field.
  4. The search will also always attempt and match to the correct location you have entered in the ‘Location’ field eg. if you type in ‘Newcastle’ we will match to ‘Newcastle Upon Tyne’. If you want to match directly to ‘Newcastle under Lyme’ in Staffordshire instead, you can do so by coming in the total locality name in the ‘Location’ field.
  5. In some instances a biz may choose to be ex directory and will then not show up online under Business by Type.
  6. If you are incapable to find the biz you are looking for, we suggest you to check all spellings, attempt an alternative description for the type of biz and if you know the biz name, select the Business name link and retry your search.

118 505 is the International voice Directory Inquiry service from BT. Features include searches for businesses and people outside of the UK. They also provide International dialing code information for most major cities and Countries around the World. Onward connection can be suggested to many Countries.

About The Phone Book
The International codes section of The Phone Book online permits you to find the dialing code for a particular Country along with the codes for the major Cities within that Country, or the Country that relates to a particular dialing code. They also provide extra useful information about every Country. This includes background information about a Country such as Capital City, currency, language and national flags. They also provide time zone information and details of what the various telephone tones sound like when making calls to and within each Country. Where available, they will also provide a link to a directories site that provided telephone numbers for businesses and people within that Country.

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UK and in more than 170 countries worldwide. Their main activities are the provision of fixed-line services, broadband, mobile and TV products and services as well as networked IT services. In the UK they are a leading communications services provider, selling products and services to consumers, petite and medium sized enterprises and the public sector. They also sell wholesale products and services to communications providers in the UK and around the world. Globally, they supply managed networked IT services to multinational corporations, domestic businesses and national and local government organizations.

Visit www.thephonebook.com to find the phone number location.

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