The perfume bottles were forbidden to be too bright

The new standard in glass jars for creams and perfumes will appear soon. Transparent bottles of bright acid colors fall under the ban.


As told “MK” in FGUP “STANDARTINFORM”, the new rules will start working in may this year. At the same time cease to operate the old standard on packagings for cosmetic, in which perfumers have lived for the past 15 years.

In the latest standard will be a requirement to use bottles in the cold season. Before using the jars the manufacturer of lotion or Cologne would first have to hold it at a temperature not lower than plus 15 degrees and then pour into her odorous product. Also the rules state that bottles for cosmetics to do including a crystal glass. Moreover, the transparent material should add quite a bit of dye to give the bottle a light colored hue. And outside in containers GOST prescribes to apply a protective layer for durability.

Chips, dents, spikes and even a small scuff on the glass on the new standard is marriage. If the bottle has some kind of decoration or illustration, it should be without stains, cracks or paint fractures.

Another innovation — the restriction of shelf glass cosmetic packaging. In heated buildings it should be a maximum of 12 months, and in the hangar with no heating with natural ventilation — 10. Less bottles will be live if they are stored under sheds or in open areas: six months and one month respectively.