The NYT told about the regular conversations trump with media Mogul Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch and Donald trump (left to right)

Photo: Carlo Allegri / Reuters

The President of the United States Donald trump each week talking on the phone with the media Mogul, the owner of the new York Post and Fox News Rupert Murdoch, with whom he “develop strategies”. As noted by The News York Times, this media coverage of the activities of the trump is the best side to him

American President Donald trump every week, communicates on the phone with the media Mogul, the owner of the media conglomerates 21st Century Fox and News Corporation Rupert Murdoch discuss strategic issues. This writes the newspaper the New York Times, citing sources close to the President and the billionaire.

The publication indicates that between trump and Murdoch have long established a close relationship, “a deeper and longer lasting than most other people in his [Donald trump. — RBC] life.” Businessman supports the American President, when he needs help, asks him to focus his efforts on the economy and not on other issues.

According to the publication, trump forms his attitude to the people by two main factors: personal success and loyalty to him. “Murdock is different on both counts,” the newspaper said.

Also, according to the newspaper, the media Mogul called White house press Secretary Sean Spicer after he in one of the briefings on the situation in Syria and the actions of Bashar al-Assad, said that even Adolf Hitler during the Second world war “has not used chemical weapons.” Murdoch then encouraged by the official representative of the administration, which, after such statements came under criticism.

The publication also emphasizes that Murdoch owned the New York Post and the Fox News channel covered the activities and personality trump with beneficial to the American leader of the party.