The number of child suicides in Russia increased by half

March 20, the children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova said that the number of child suicides in the past year dramatically increased. If during the period from 2011 to 2015, the number of suicides in Russia has been steadily decreasing by 10 %, then in 2016 has increased dramatically by 57%. According to Kuznetsova teenagers increasingly committing suicide because of the “cascade of proliferation “groups of death” in social networks” in addition, police found calls to the suicide already popular on the wrapper of the gum.


On Monday in the Orenburg and Astrakhan has begun check upon detection in commercial networks of chewing gum in a black wrapper with calls for suicide. In reality, on the wrapper of gum in the promotion of “Truth or dare” were offered different tasks that must be performed, and then use photos and video to report on their actions in the network. Some of the instructions sounded quite innocuous: “share your secret”, “tell your secret”, while others “get to the highest point in a public place and take a selfie” or “what to do before you die?” militiamen regarded as propaganda and inducement to suicide. The public outcry immediately pointed to the similarity of tasks on the wrapper the gum with the actions of the infamous in the social networks of suicidal group “the Blue whale”.

The representative of the manufacturer of the ill-fated gum said that the advertising campaign did not aim to persuade teenagers to suicide. On the wrapper were printed the job from the world-famous game, which aims “to get positive emotions and impressions with friends from joint assignments and answers to questions.” However, immediately after the expressions of interest in the chewing gum police, the company decided to cease the production and sale of goods.

We will remind that on March 10 the Cabinet of the Russian Federation has approved the bill toughening liability for incitement to suicide. In accordance with him for the creation of “groups of death” you can get up to 6 years of imprisonment, and for inducing and promoting suicide to 8 years in prison.

What caused the sharp increase in child suicides and parents in advance as to detect that the child is ready for the final step of “MK” asked the child psychiatrist Elena Loseva:

“Of course, the various “group of death” and playing a suicidal direction from the “Run or die” can greatly affect the number of teenage suicides. Because children, unlike adults much more prone to mass suicide, to death “for the company.” The adolescent mind is arranged in such a way that he needs to feel important among peers. If someone starts to take his dare, to boast that he is not afraid of death, the child may go to great lengths, including suicide, in order not to appear weak. In addition, adolescents do not realize the value of life, because the less people lived, the less he is afraid to die. Children often perceive suicide as a computer game, ended one life, gives you another, like to sleep, and then Wake up. Therefore, in adolescence, parents need to be especially attentive to their children.

In families where there is a normal psychological contact between the child and parents, it is almost impossible not to notice that the child thinks about death. But most of our parents are not interested in what is happening in the soul of the child, they only care about good grades and good behavior, hence all the trouble. Suicidal groups in the network there are already at least 10 years, I believe that every year their influence grows as children more and spend more time on the Internet. Besides, due to the difficult economic situation in the country, adults are forced to work more, and hence the time for the children they are left. All of this likely leads to an increase of teenage suicides.

In any case, adults should be wary if the child becomes less sociable, more secluded, easily gives their favorite things to friends. Also in the current situation it is necessary to control the sites that come Teens, modern technology allows it”.