The media learned about the arrest in North Korea of a U.S. citizen

North Korean police at the airport in Pyongyang

Photo: Jason Lee / Reuters

North Korean authorities at the international airport of Pyongyang has detained a U.S. citizen — a former Professor at the Chinese University, who participated in the DPRK in programmes for the delivery of humanitarian assistance

A U.S. citizen, a former Professor at Chinese University, was arrested in North Korea on Friday, April 21, according to Yonhap, citing sources who wished to remain anonymous. This is the third US citizen detained in North Korea, according to the Agency.

Known only by his surname Kim, as well as what he taught in the Chinese Albanskom the University, the Agency reports. He also participated in programs for the delivery of humanitarian aid to North Korea. In one of these programs, Kim has led the DPRK for about a month and was arrested on departure at the international airport in Pyongyang, Yonhap said.

The reasons for his detention are unknown to the North Korean side. Washington has not officially commented on this information.