The interior Ministry announced the alcohol war

Crimes committed in an alcohol intoxication, recent increase, and the abuse of alcohol is dying more and more Russians. So sad the data stated on Monday, March 20, at the meeting of the government Commission on prevention of offenses, interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. But after Irkutsk tragedy, when from poisoning surrogate alcohol killed 74 people, the Agency has developed a number of measures proposed for implementation by 2020.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Discussion of the important and painful topic began with the sad statistics that led the head power Department:

— I want to note the trend of growth in crimes committed in an alcohol intoxication. Since 2011, their share increased almost twice — with 20 to 37 percent — said Kolokoltsev.

The Minister also stressed that due to alcohol abuse is increasing and mortality among the population:

— Of particular concern are deaths due to alcohol — only 2015 more than 58 thousand people, he said.

The Minister reminded those present (meeting was conducted in the mode of videoconference with participation of heads of territorial bodies of internal Affairs, as well as experts in the field of health and others) that since 2009, when the government come to grips with the problem of alcoholism, a lot has been made:

— Considerable work was done including tightening of the requirements for the alcohol trade, strengthening of responsibility for violations in the sphere of production and turnover. In this case the regions are granted the right to set additional restrictions, up to a total ban of realization of alcoholic production, — said Kolokoltsev.

As explained by the Minister, that the interior Ministry does not intend to stay and over the next three years working on the fight against alcoholism will be adjusted and will set out specific activities. However, the interior Ministry intends to cooperate in this field with other interested agencies:

— Prevention of alcoholism is a complex inter-departmental challenge that requires a comprehensive approach by the state authorities at all levels. The measures taken should be aimed not only at forming of healthy way of life, but also to ensure medical and social rehabilitation of persons suffering from alcohol dependency, — said Kolokoltsev.