The FSB reported about the relations of the attacker receiving in Khabarovsk with neo-Nazis

Police officers in Khabarovsk


The identity of the person who attacked the Department of the FSB in the Khabarovsk, installed. He was a local resident born in 1999, allegedly belonged to a neo-Nazi group

The man who attacked the Department of the FSB in the Khabarovsk, belonged to a neo-Nazi group, reports “Interfax” with reference to the Center of public relations of FSB of Russia. “The person committed the crime in the Khabarovsk installed. It is a native and resident of Khabarovsk Krai A. V. Konev, born in 1999. There is evidence of his belonging to a neo-Nazi group”, — said the press service of the Ministry.

The attack occurred at 17:02 local time. In a reception of FSB in the Khabarovsk region became an armed man and opened fire. Killing two people: a member of the FSB and the visitor. One person was injured, said the FSB, adding that the deceased is a citizen of one of CIS countries. The source of RBC in the FSB added that the killed translator with Azerbaijani and the employee of Department on fight against terrorism.

The assailant was shot dead, said the public relations Center of the FSB. The man entered the admissions office for Khabarovsk Krai, opened indiscriminate fire, said the interlocutor of RBC in the secret service. “Shot at those who I saw,” said he. According to him, the assailant was armed with a Kalashnikov. Field investigators do not exclude that the alleged offender could not be killed by members of the security services and committed suicide, the source said. He added that after the shooting to foster law enforcement agencies began to explore the territory of the FSB and found a suspicious bag. In this regard, was caused by the sappers and cynologists.

In Khabarovsk attacked FSB Video: RBC

Arrived at the heavily armed fighters of the FSB and riot police blocked the building management, security officers were locked in their offices, they were forbidden to leave the job, said another source of RBC in the FSB.

Covered in Khabarovsk Sheronova street, which is a building of the FSB, told RBC employee of the cafe “Signor Tomato”, which is on the same street: “there was No explosion, cotton or shooting we heard. Now the perimeter, not let anyone, no car, no people. There are police cars, drove one fire engine, ambulance not to be seen.” On the scene there are Riot policemen and firefighters, told RBC employee of the medical center “Sitilab”, located near the place of incident.