The court rejected the claim of the second stewardess of “Aeroflot” on age discrimination

Eugene Mahurin

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov / TASS

The court rejected the claim of another stewardess of “Aeroflot”, which stated that the carrier discriminare her age and appearance. The flight attendant demanded she return to Supplement to the salary of 17 thousand rubles and to pay 500 thousand rubles for moral damage

Presnensky court of Moscow dismissed the claim of the stewardesses of “Aeroflot” Eugene Magarinos, which declared discrimination on her appearance and age, the correspondent of RBC from the courtroom.

“In satisfaction of claim requirements to refuse”, — said the judge Valentin Yershov. Thus, the court refused the plaintiff to return her allowance to monthly salary in the amount of 17 thousand rubles, and also to compensate for the damage from the moral harm of 500 thousand.

On 18 April the court refused satisfaction of the similar claim Magarinos colleague Irina Jerusalem.

As stated by RBC Megurine, this decision was expected, but her defense is going to sue the airline further. “I’m ready to go up to the Supreme court. Exhaust yourself with diets I don’t plan,” said the stewardess RBC.

According to Magarinos, “Aeroflot” is trying to push: for example, restricted its geography of flights and took off her the duties of the senior steward. “While the dialogue, the user did not go”, — said the stewardess.

“We have a sufficient evidence base, we will appeal,” — said RBC the plaintiff’s attorney Ksenia Mikhailichenko.

“Aeroflot” explained the “discrimination” of flight attendants because of the weight and size of clothing

The stewardess of “Aeroflot” Eugene Mahurin and several of the flight attendants from the same company filed a lawsuit in the Presnensky court of Moscow on January 19. In their appeal they pointed out that the employer discriminare them. In particular, Mahurin was deprived Aeroflot of monthly allowances to 17 thousand rubles. and removed from international flights, because that is the 52-th size clothing. Previously, the allowance was charged for her “professional success”.

According to Magarinos, in June 2016 the management of “Aeroflot” announced that international flights will operate “only the young and skinny.” Now employee over 40 years of age and a clothing size more than 48-th will not be able to fly abroad, she said.

As the flight attendant told RBC, she is now 41 years old. The decision to transfer to domestic flights, the management of “Aeroflot” received after August 2016 cabin crew of the company weighed and photographed. The question Magarinos the cause of such a transfer, the employer said, citing a new company policy, which has tightened requirements for employees on international routes. As noted by the flight attendant, she was informed that according to the new requirements size clothing stewardesses must not exceed 46.

Then the representative of “Aeroflot” said RBC that the statement about the limitations of the geography of flights is not true. In addition, the airline noted that age discrimination is also absent from the policy company. According to the representative of the carrier on international flights rabotayet a few hundred flight attendants, whose age exceeds 40 years.

Earlier, on 18 April the Tushino court of Moscow has passed the decision under the claim flight attendants about age discrimination and appearance is also in favor of “Aeroflot”. Then the plaintiff made the stewardess Irina Jerusalem. She told RBC that also intends to appeal the court’s decision.

“The court did not take into account our arguments. Judging by the arguments of “Aeroflot”, I do not have to work, but I work, I have all the tolerances, but the allowance they gave me reduce. By the way, representatives of the airline have not answered why I continue to fly exclusively in Russia, provided that the “Aeroflot” flies in the 53 countries of the world,” said RBC Jerusalem.

In response to accusations of Jerusalem Deputy CEO of Aeroflot for legal and property Affairs Vladimir Alexandrov told RBC that the airline said the court’s decision “fair, based on a thorough examination of the circumstances of the case and the provisions of the law”. “As we have repeatedly stated, none of the employees of “Aeroflot” is not subject to discrimination, because our main priority is the rights of passengers and employees of the company,” he said.