TFR questioned ties attacked the FSB in the Khabarovsk IG

The investigative Committee said that the lack of grounds to demonstrate the relationship of the attacker to the FSB in Khabarovsk with the “Islamic state”. This was previously banned in Russia, the group claimed responsibility for the attack

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Russia’s investigative Committee the evening of April 21 reported on the investigation of the criminal case about the attack on the FSS and gun club in Khabarovsk.

“Received to date data allow the investigation to believe that a crime committed by a supporter of neo-Nazi views, professing hatred towards people of other nationalities. In this investigation there is no evidence proving the relationship of the attacker with an international terrorist organization, allegedly attributed this crime”, — reads the statement of the official representative SKR Svetlana Petrenko, published on the Agency’s website.

Earlier on Friday responsibility for the attack was claimed by banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. This was announced on his website a research organization SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors terrorist activity.

21 APR-17:02 local time (10:02 GMT) occurred the attack on the offices of the FSB. In a reception of regional management of the security services entered unknown and opened fire on the visitors. The victims were two men, among whom was a member of the FSB, the attacker was shot. Another man was wounded. According to interlocutors RBC, the attack killed a translator from Azerbaijan and a member of the Department for protection of constitutional order and combating terrorism Yakov Khasanov.

The attackers were 18-year-old Anton Konev. According to officials, he is associated with neo-Nazi group. The source of RBC in the FSB said that he was a member of a small nationalist group “Stoltz Khabarovsk”.

The attack Konev used a weapon that was stolen from a local shooting club. As told RBC sources in the FSB, only the club was stolen 40 weapons. This information was confirmed by the public relations Center of the FSB. The source of “Interfax” has informed that has already arrested the alleged accomplice of the attacking. They found 29-year-old native of Stavropol Krai.

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