TASS said the withdrawal guide Renova funds in offshore

In 2003-2008, the energy company IES and its parent company “Renova” has brought in the offshore is almost 100 billion rubles through the service of the company, overstating the cost of “daughters”, reported TASS with reference to sources

The energy company KES, later renamed as “T Plus” and its parent company Renova in 2003-2008 allowed corporate profits to offshore companies, TASS reported, citing a source close to the investigation in the case of the former head of Komi, Vyacheslav Geiser.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, through the service company IES brought to offshore accounts “Renova” over 99 billion rubles. Costs in units of KES artificially inflated, he explains. In addition, the management of KES illegally brought in offshore 41.2 billion rubles intended for the construction of generating capacity, said the source Agency. The money was raised during the issue of shares in subsidiary generating companies. KES sent them to repay loans and to purchase the missing shares for the purposes of control over the generating companies.

The Investigation Committee are unable to respond quickly to a request to RBC. Representatives of the “Renova” and “T plus” not yet answered the questions of the RBC. The lawyer of one of accused on the case about the bribes to the leadership of the Komi — Director of “T Plus” Boris wainzinher said that he did not know about new accusations against the leaders of KES. “Today I was in the Investigation Department, but the new charges I know nothing,” said RBC’s lawyer Konstantin Rivkin. Lawyer Gaiser Vyacheslav Leontyev refused to comment on this information, stating that the case “T plus” is being investigated separately from the case of ex-Governor and his lawyers did not report on its progress.

In September 2016 in the offices of “T Plus” and “Renova” were searched in the criminal case of giving multimillion-dollar bribes to the former management in the Komi Republic head Vyacheslav Gaizer. As a result, two former head KES Michael Slobodin and Yevhen olkhovyk and acting CEO Boris Vainzikher was recognized by the defendants in the case. The olkhovyk and wainzinher was taken into custody, they are in jail. According to the investigation, for 2007-2014 are the former heads of Komi received from the defendants more than 800 million rubles of bribes for setting tariffs, best for “T Plus”.