Target Employee Pay & Benifits Managemet Online

Running a company is anything but easy, you need someone to help you manage your employee benefits investment. Hewitt has more than 70 years practice in human resource that can help you find solutions for defined benefit, defined contribution and health and ware.

Hewitt Instructions
Companies contesting in today’s fierce environments need better, more efficient ways to manage their employee benefits investment. At the same time, results expected from these benefit plans are rising. Aon Hewitt is much experienced in providing benefits administration for large and mid-sized organizations. It can help your company manage costs, drive participant outcomes and satisfaction, reduce risk and improve compliance.

If you want to find solutions for defined benefit, defined contribution and health and welfare, you may turn to Hewitt. Its defined benefit administration services include:

  • Automated pension benefit calculation
  • Management of participant data
  • Eligibility determination and tracking
  • Customer service
  • Online, self-service capabilities, including estimates and retirement
  • Rollover and lump sum processing
  • Integration with payroll
  • Compliance
  • Check delivery

About Hewitt
Hewitt Associates is a global provider of human capital outsourcing and management consulting services. It operates 500 offices in 120 countries and helped its customers which included over half the Fortune 500 and a 3rd of the Fortune Global 500 provide benefit programs and information that’s effortless for their employees to use and understand. The Benefits Center provides benefit services to you thru Hewitt.

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