TALX Paperless Pay

In a modern society, we have to get habitual to the swift tempo of life,and react to the urge of environmentally friendly way of life. In such a condition, paperless office is an demonstrable tendency for all industries. So is paperless pay. Following the main trend, TALX Paperless Pay is thus promoted to go beyond time and place limitation, to help save time and efforts, to boost a green and low-carbon benefits mode.

TALX Paperless Pay Instructions
You are right to take TALX Paperless Pay into consideration for your company. Paperless Pay provides electronic paystubs and paycards as well as nicer management of direct deposits, W-4s, and other employee information. Choosing TALX Paperless Pay is useful in converting your payroll process and realizing 100% paperless while authorizing your employees. The benefits suggested involve:

  1. Paycard Integration: The Equifax paperless pay solution together with major paycard solutions helps put 100% paperless pay in reach.
  2. Employee Self-service: Paperless pay is very convenient and encourages employees to renew their own intimate information and provides a proven motivation that will boost direct deposit rates.
  3. Interactive W-4 Update: Both federal and state can be provided by Equifax with an interactive solution of W-4s that directs employees thru the process of completing single or numerous state W-4s.

Paperless pay helps you check payroll information and supervise your account. To do this, you should first-ever log in at the TALX Paperless Pay page at paperlesspay.talx.com. Enter your Employer Code and click on “Continue” to access your account. If you haven’t receive your log in information, it is a must to contact your employer. All the information you input and read are confidential inbetween you and TALX data center.

Of course, to access this site, you also need a computer satisfying the minimum demands:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher
  • JavaScript enabled (for most browsers, this is the default setting)
  • Monitor Settings: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher

While using TALX Paperless Pay, you can put your heart in your tummy because it is safe and secure. When you inject Paperless Pay, you are to go into a secure area. At this moment, you can look at the bottom of your Internet browser window. If you utilize Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can see a padlock icon at the bottom of your screen. Notice: If the padlock is locked, you are in a secure area. If there is no padlock or it looks unlocked, you are not in a secure area. To learn the entire procedures of completing risk-based authentication – enhanced security enrollment, you can observe a video tutorial or a printable tutorial.

Click “Add this page” and TALX Paperless Pay page will be added to your dearest sites. To know more about Frequently Asked Questions, please budge to FAQ page. If you are interested in TALX payroll solutions or has any difficulties, you can reach them via 314-214-7000 or send them online query form.

About TALX
TALX is also world-famous as Equifax Workforce Solutions. It was founded in 1971 in St. Louis and developed rapidly in the early 2000s. The company is experienced in providing services to human resource, payroll and tax management. Besides, it does well in suggesting Pay Reporting solutions, compliance solutions, including employment verification, unemployment cost management, reemployment, data breach, and employment tax services for both public and private firms of any size over all industries. In the year 2008, Equifax purchased TALX and ended the integration in 2010, so Talx now works as a division of Equifax.

Access your payroll information lightly online at www.securitasepay.com or paperlesspay.talx.com with secured connection.


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