T-mobile MMS

Just received an SMS notifying you that a T-Mobile MMS message has arrived? Want to retrieve your T-Mobile MMS online? With T-mobile pmcollect, you can view your MMS online at your convenience.

T-mobile MMS Guide
MMS is brief for Multimedia Messaging Servic which is generally referred to as Picture Messaging. You can take advantage of MMS to send animation, images, sound and vid instead of a standard SMS message from your phone thru T-mobile.

To retrieve your T-Mobile MMS, you need to:

  1. Open the SMS that you have received on your mobile phone
  2. Write down the password given in the SMS
  3. Visit T-mobile MMS site online
  4. Enter your telephone number and the password T-Mobile sent to you by SMS. Enter your telephone number like 07********* or +447*********, and your password like A1B2D3C4.
  5. Login to review the MMS online.

Even if your phone can’t display pictures, you can still view picture messages – you simply have to view pictures online instead of on your mobile. It’ll only be available online for 14 days, so make sure you save the picture to a computer if you want to keep it.

Visit www.t-mobile.co.uk/pmcollect to retrieve your MMS online.

About T-mobile
Based in Bonn, Germany,T-Mobile International AG is a German holding company for Deutsche Telekom AG’s various mobile communications subsidiaries outside Germany. Its subsidiaries are all around Europe, America, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The company has financial stakes in mobile operators in both Central and Eastern Europe.

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