Superdrug Staff Loyalty Program

A program can be understood as a thing, or an unique task, but more often than not, it is taken as an expected aim that is needed to be achieved within a certain period of time and within certain budget. Superdrug Staff Loyalty Program meets all the aspects of this definition. It is an crucial element of Customer Loyalty Program and is to achieve the objective of retaining old customers and attracting fresh ones by suggesting benefits.

Superdrug Staff Loyalty Program Instructions
Superdrug Staff Loyalty Program concentrates on Superdrug Staff Loyalty cards which are oftentimes called Beautycards. You can register and activate your Superdrug Staff Loyalty cards at “Hotmail, as the most well-liked used email service provider can work with this login. You can nominate a friend or family member who is over 16 years old to receive an extra Card and to be the extra cardholder if you’ve already activated your own card.

Once your account is created, you will earn your own points each time you spend money buying Superdrug commodities. The current redemption value of points is that one point is equal to one penny. Besides, you can earn bonus points when you spend £10 or more on NIVEA or take part in other promotions. Moreover, you will also be able to check how many points you have and what can you redeem for. It is a good news that you can spend your points as part-payment instore and when you spend points, you’ll also earn points back. Notice that every 100 points you earn is equal to £1 to spend instore.

Remember that if you switched your account name, address or other information, it is significant to make according switches online and that you must use the card at least once in 12 months to make it activated. And if you did not use it in the last 12 months, your Superdrug Staff Loyalty card account will need to be reactivated.

Superdrug Staff Loyalty program is a fine way to encourage employee be proud of the company they are working for with the real benefits they can feel. Tesco is doing the same thing to make their employees apply for and transfer their company stock shares at www.shareview.co.uk/tesco.

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About Superdrug
Superdrug Stores PLC, the Subsidiary of A.S. Watson Group belonging to the Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa, was founded in 1964 by Ronald & Peter Goldstein. In the United Kingdom, it is the 2nd largest beauty and health retailing company following Boots. The company has a few Distribution Centres and the three centers at Dunstable, Avonmouth and South Elmsall own 900 stores with over 1,100 employees. Superdrug sells products such as B. – Skin Care & Make Up Solait – Suncare & Bronzing Arora -Indulgent Bathing and provides services such as Health Checks, Threading, Lazer Hair Removal and Botox. Products and services vary from stores in one place to those in another place.

Activate your Superdrug Staff Loyalty cards and love the benefits at www.superdrug.com/staffloyalty.

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