Staples Advantage Ordering Online

Internet switches our daily life dramatically, making our life convenient and online shopping a reality. It is utilized by various companies for enhancing their sales. Staples is among those companies. With a excellent site structure design, it sets up Staples Advantage Ordering Online program for customers to purchase office supplies fast, lightly and conveniently.

Staples Advantage Ordering Online Instructions
As Staples biz to biz online ordering solutions, StaplesLink lists around 80,000 products and it is effortless to consolidate orders. With online order tracking system, automated approval process and account management, customers can search, place quick order and have personalized purchase lists in their own way.

If you are a fresh customer, you can register by suggesting the following information:

  • Agency / Company
  • Contact First Name, Contact Last Name
  • Department Name
  • Delivery Address, Building/Floor/Room
  • City, State, Zip Code and County
  • Business Phone, Business Fax
  • Email and Master Account Number

And if you are an existing customer, you can login with your customer ID, user ID and password. If you leave behind your User ID or password, you can find them back by clicking the “Forgot your User ID or Password” link and coming in your Email address thru which your login information will be sent to you. You can also update your User Information.

Staples private sites make a customized assortment of products available to customers. Its Online Ordering gives purchasers maximum manage on spend. With Ordering Online, you can get access to:

  1. Keeping track of your order, status and proof of delivery
  2. Preserved shopping lists for regularly ordered items
  3. Ink and toner finder which help you find right products for your machines
  4. Saving your time thru online returns

In the event of problems, you can call Staples Advantage Customers at 1-877-826-7755 and EWay Customers at 1-888-238-6329.

About Staples
Staples Inc. is the world’s largest office supply chain store and the world’s 2nd largest e-retailer following Amazon. Its very first store was set up in 1986 by Leo Kahn and Thomas G. Stemberg. Over the next a few decades, more than 2000 stores were opened and 50,020 people were employed worldwide. Its total biz is composed of North American Delivery, North American Retail and Staples International, respectively taking up 40%, 39% and 21%.

Visit www.stapleslink.com to login your StaplesLink account.

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