Staples Advantage NYS Contract

Companies always operate their businesses by all sorts of means and channels. Their operation involves a excellent many sub-parts and aspects. Staples is an example and it puts forward North American Delivery which involves Staples Advantage NYS contract. From break-room to technology supplies, from print services to promotional products and furniture, Staples Advantage is able to meet your needs of items for running your work place smoothly.

Staples Advantage NYS Contract Instructions
With Staples Advantage NYS Contract, customer will love the benefits of buying certain items at discounts averaging 58% off the manufacturer’s list price. Moreover, free next-day delivery on all orders over $20.00 is available. Dedicated account managers and experienced government customer service team are within your access. Taking part in Staples Advantage NYS Contract, you can save time and money and you will be sure of high-quality supplies. Staples’ Full Line Catalog of products and Order.StaplesAdvantage.com are waiting for you.

To get ready for your participation in Staples Advantage NYS contract, you should first register for online Ordering. The following information is needed.

  • Agency / Company
  • Contact First Name, Contact Last Name
  • Department Name
  • Delivery Address, Building/Floor/Room
  • City, State, Zip Code and County
  • Business Phone, Business Fax
  • Email and Master Account Number

To log in, you inject your Customer ID, User ID and Password at the login page. If you leave behind your password, just click the “Forget your User ID or Password” link. Once you’ve logged in, choose where you wish your order to be shipped, and then click “OK” to finish the entire process. Quick Order helps you know details of the product you just ordered, just input item number in the Quick Order box and Quantity you want and click “Add to Chart” button. You can also use Order Multiple items to add up to 20 items at once, just as what you did with a single item.

Afterwards, please wait for your items delivered to you. During your waiting period, you can check your order status.

Just visit www.staplesadvantage.com/nys/ to commence NYS Contract office supplies for shopping online.

About Staples Inc.
Staples Inc. is the world’s largest office supply chain store and the world’s 2nd largest e-retailer following Amazon. Its very first store was set up in 1986 by Leo Kahn and Thomas G. Stemberg. Over the next a few decades, more than 2000 stores were opened and 50,020 people were employed worldwide. Its total biz is composed of North American Delivery, North American Retail and Staples International, respectively taking up 40%, 39% and 21%.

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