Sprint Total Equipment Protection Program

Besides the replacement plan for a lost phone, Sprint Total Equipment Protection program helps to protect your existing cell phone. Has your phone wandered off again? Has it stopped talking to you? Need a fresh handset? Total Equipment Protection will always provide you with the best solutions.

Sprint Total Equipment Protection Guide
Cooperating with Asurion, the pro phone claim service provider, Sprint Total Equipment Protection Program gives you all the necessary protection for your equipment. Sprint Total Equipment Protection is based on software which provides a fresh way to keep handset and private data secure. It is vital because it can suggest accomplish protection, effectively and efficiently. It would matter a lot if you need to look for your phone, repair or substitute your phone. So lengthy as you are tooled with Total Equipment Protection, you’ll never be lost for a solution. Everything you need to restore your peace of mind – and your connection to family and friends – is just a click away! Total Equipment Protection is more than just a replacement plan for a dead or lost phone. It also comes with online features that protect your existing handset too! The total equipment Protection includes:

  1. Safeguard for various phones
  2. Comprehensive coverage for most issues
  3. Contact – erasing from a lost device
  4. Protection from high replacement costs
  5. Fast and easy, 7×24 claim filing
  6. Free, next day replacement delivery
  7. Online implements for lost phone & data protection

In essence, it applies a web portal for customers who have lost their smartphone to locate the device, remotely lock the device, erase address book contacts, and manage contacts.

How to Download Sprint Total Equipment Protection App
For Sprint Total Equipment Protection (TEP) subscribers, the Protection App is a free and available service. In order to download the APP, select your phone type accordingly if you are a TEP subscriber. Otherwise, you should first-ever sign up. Then you can download it by the following four steps:

  1. Select your mobile phone type;
  2. Get app download link via text message;
  3. Download and install the protection app on your phone;
  4. Create your protection app account from your phone.

While you are carrying out the above steps, some sub-instructions will pop out and what you should do is to refer to them.

How to Locate and Find Your Sprint Phone
Once you own Total Equipment Protection, it will map your phone’s exact location and offers directions on how to get there. In the event that your phone is buried deep in a sofa or hidden inwards a jacket’s pocket, it can sound the alarm for you to find it fast, even when set on silent or vibrate. With Total Equipment Protection, you can choose to remotely lock a misplaced phone or erase your contacts. Your information is synchronized and can be restored to the same phone – or a brand fresh one – later!

Consult the steps below to sound a phone alarm if you hope to find a misplaced phone nearby.

  1. Go to sprint.com/protection and click the “Locate” tab.
  2. Log in to the Protection App site using your phone number and PIN.
  3. Click the “Sound Alarm” button at the top of the page.
  4. In the popup window, click the “Sound Alarm” button.
  5. To disarm the alarm, press the volume up or down located on the side of your device.

The following steps will be helpful for you to find a lost or stolen device with GPS technology.

  1. Go to sprint.com/protection and click the “Locate” tab.
  2. Log in to the Protection App site using your phone number and PIN.
  3. Click the “Locate Phone” button at the top of the Location page.
  4. In the popup window, click the “Locate Phone” button.
  5. The phone location and address will be updated on the Location page. You may then come in your current location to receive turn–by–turn directions if necessary.

How to Repair and Replace Your Sprint Phone
Sometimes, your phone may have slips. In this case, please search our official site for authorized repair shop. A shop near you will be ready to help and technicians will solve your problems.

Moreover, with Total Equipment Protection it won’t happen that you’ll  have to worry about paying too high a price when you’ve all of a sudden confronted phone issues. Whether your phone is lost, stolen, dying, or dead, our affordable, comprehensive service plan gets you a replacement phone fast. Replacement phones ordered by 11:00 EST/10:00 CST are to be shipped same day and delivered to you the next day. Surely, a few processes are necessary. To substitute your phone, you must  first file a claim, afterwards, you can check claim status and track your return. Everything is well arranged, you won’t be confused by phone issues.

About Sprint 
Sprint was founded in Abilene, Kansas, United States in 1899 by Cleyson L. Brown and Jacob Brown, which aimed to distribute telephone service systematically to the rural area around Abilene. Having gone thru such hardship as the Great Depression, Sprint now has grown into a public holding company with over 40,000 employees and  US$ 7,087 million total equity. Its biz covers wireless communications, IP networking and lengthy distance and exerts effect on the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Judged by its  55.6 million customers, Sprint is the United States’ 3rd largest lengthy distance provider.

Start your Sprint Total Equipment Protection program at www.sprint.com/protection.

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