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No matter you are looking for investment, spending, retirement, taxes or even financial implements information, SmartMoney is the right place.

Dow Jones SmartMoney Instructions
The instruments at SmartMoney online are very useful and powerful, like the auto insurance quotes tools, bonds, students loans planning tools, debt management, marriage and relationships, health care, insurance, investing, real estate, stocks and even more. For example, SmartMoney bond devices suggest bond calculator, allocator and living yield curve. For bonds and bond funds, computing prices and yields can be tricky. When rates go up prices go down and vice versa. To determine where you stand for different prices and rate scenarios, you can use the SmartMoney bond calculator.

You can also read the latest financial articles from those most favored financial bloggers. It is the way The Wall Street Journal is attempting to suggest to customers in a more friendly way, you can lightly read them not only with your PC, notebook, but also tablet and even share at Twitter and Facebook.

About SmartMoney
SmartMoney is the Wall Street Journal’s private finance website. Its mission is to provide timely financial information, investing advice and savings strategies. It not only has English version, but also have Chines, Japanese, Spanish version in order to meet people in different countries need.

To be more pro at financial investment? Read all the articles at www.smartmoney.com.

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