Skylight ONE Card

As a safe and convenient way to manage your money, Skylight ONE Card gives you access to direct deposit and your money. Pay bills, take out cash, buy groceries and shop online is what you can lightly do with this debit card. Instead of receiving a paper check, your benefit checks, tax refunds, postal money orders and MoneyGram ExpressPayment can be deposited into your account directly. You don’t have to stand in lines or pay for check-cashing fees. Every buck you earn goes where you want them to go with Skylight ONE Card.

The Skylight ONE Card Instructions
The Skylight ONE Card members are eligible to access the Skylight Debit Card Account at millions of locations that accept Visa or MasterCard debit cards and at most ATMs worldwide. One Card is available sans a credit check to anyone who holds a permanent address in the United States, is eligible for direct deposit and can successfully conclude identity verification. Skylight ONE Card has a few customized types for your choice: Platinum design, Edge design, Patriot design and Serenity design.

The One Card is given to you when you sign up with your employer. You must call the phone number on the card’s sticker to activate the card before you can use it at an ATM or for purchases. You’ll be asked to choose a PIN. Once your card is activated, enroll in Direct Deposit. If you switch jobs or get a 2nd job, your One Card can go with you.

  1. Click “Register” at the top of Skylight Financial page and register for online banking. With an online account, you can see deposits, withdrawals, and purchases.
  2. Enter the requested information and then click in the box below “Online Account Access Agreement”. Hit “Register”.
  3. Download and print a direct deposit slip.
  4. Complete the enrollment form provided by your employer using the information on the direct deposit slip.
  5. Sign your employer’s enrollment form, fasten the direct deposit slip and turn them in to payroll for processing.

You can use MoneyGram ExpressPayment to add money to your account. You just go to a MoneyGram ExpressPayment location and pack out a blue ExpressPayment form.

For a diminutive monthly fee, you can request a 2nd card. To report a lost or stolen card, click the link below Skylight Financial page. You can access your account information over the phone at the number on the back of your card.

You can get more information on how to use your One Card or pay bills with it and on Skylight Checks. With Find ATM on the mian menu, Cardholders can lightly find surcharge-free ATMs in their areas.

About Skylight ONE Card
The Skylight ONE Card is a debit card that can be used to access the Skylight Debit Card Account. The Skylight Debit Card Account is a deposit account and can only be opened by direct deposit of payroll, government benefits, or a tax refund.It is available all over the United States. With the Skylight ONE Card, your money is secure and always available sans the cost and inconvenience of cashing checks. It’s your all-in-ONE card.

Log in to your Skylight ONE card account at www.skylightonecard.com. Please leave your comments and let us know if you need any help here.

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