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Women get obsessed with footwear easily. That is because,  footwear are not merely pairs of footwear but also a matter of private style. Shoedazzle understands women’s needs and offers an online shoes, apparel, and accessories ecommerce site which highlighted stylish footwear and personalized style.

Shoedazzle Shoes, Apparel, and Accessories E-commerce Guide
At at Shoedazzle site, sign up with your e-mail address and log in, you will find that Shoedazzle indeed knows your style. As a member, you can get your own personalized weekly picks, access to top trends at member-only pricing and no fit fears with effortless exchanges.

Every woman knows, style and style is all about shoes. So Shoedazzle will help you embark your private styling from shoes. To get started, it will take you three steps to pick up your personalized stylish boots and showcase your style quickly:

  1. Take a quick style quiz. Take the quiz by choose from different stylish shoes, designers, brands and more as answers to given questions. You also need to select your age range, boot size, sundress size, preferred heel height, zip code. You will detect your style profile in just a few minutes.
  2. Get personalized recommendation. After the quiz you will be brought a fresh page where you can view all the personalized recommendation that fits you and meet your need. In addition, special offers and daily deals are also available.
  3. Shop your heart out. Since you have already known your personalized style, you can go shopping online for your stylish shoes, apparels, handbags and accessories right away.

About Shoedazzle
Founded in March 2009 and based in Santa Monica, California, Shoedazzle is an online e-commerce site of shoes, apparel, and accessories.  It aims to build an original destination for private styling online. Today, millions of women get their personalized style fix from Shoedazzle with access to top trends, style information and world-class service.

Go to www.shoedazzle.com to embark your individual styling at once.

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