Shareview Tesco Employee Share Schemes

Shareview is Equiniti’s suite of online services that helps shareholders and employees to manage their holdings and gives access to a broad range of useful information. Now Tesco is partnered with Shareview suggesting online employee services which mainly concentrate on Tesco employee share schemes. As a registered user you can access detailed information about Tesco holdings including balance movements, indicative values and dividend payments and much more.

Shareview Tesco Employees Instructions
Tesco offers the web-based employee share plans service in cooperation with Shareview. This site is designed to suggest a much lighter way for you to get more information or to apply for Tesco’s employee share schemes. Several links are listed to be at your service:

  • Exercise your option to buy Tesco share at maturity
  • Apply to invest under Buy As You Earn
  • Sell your SIP Shares
  • Shares In Success Scheme
  • Tesco Nominee Service
  • Cancel an SAYE Scheme

How to Sell Your SIP Shares
There are two options suggested for you to sell your SIP Shares, you can choose anyone you like.

  • Through TESCO employee plan share portal online. With “Sell your SIP Shares” link mentioned above, you can lightly sell your Share Incentive Plan Shares which covering Share In Success and Buy As You Earn Shares. Just click the link and you will be entered into a fresh page which is TESCO employee share plans portal. At this page, you can apply for Save As You Earn and the Share Incentive Plans (SIP), Submit your Save As You Earn maturity instruction, Manage your employee share plans and access a broad range of information and Sell your Share Incentive Plan shares using the real time dealing service.
  • Alternatively, you can give your sale instruction by phone. Just call 08713842976.

Please note that if you go for TESCO employee plan share portal, you must have already registered. Thus, you can directly log in with your Employee number, last name, date of birth and password. If not, you need click “register” in the box on the top left corner at the page and finish registration first.

About Shareview
Owned by Equiniti, Shareview is the leading figure in providing share registration services and associated investor schemes in the UK. It has worked as a Registrar for over 700 companies, including around 55% of the FTSE 100, managing some 24 million shareholder accounts. It also provides administration services for employee share plans, pensions and employee benefits schemes.

Go and treat your TESCO employee shares at www.shareview.co.uk/tesco.

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