Shares & Investments Management with Shareview

Get embarked to open a Shareview account and manage your shareholdings and investments online. This easy, secure and free-of-charge service permits you to access a range of information about your shareholdings that includes details of employee schemes and corporate sponsored nominees that Equiniti Group administer.

Shares & Investments Management with Shareview Guide
You can manage your shares online, vote at a company meeting, check the balance of your shareholding, get key company information and have your dividends sent direct to your bank account with or sans a Shareview Portfolio. The improved Shareview Portfolio permits portfolio customers to receive market news and data instead of researching them, to operate on a user-friendly page, along with former services like monitoring your shareholdings and investments all in one place, send your proxy voting instructions in advance of company meetings, update your details online, buying & selling shares lightly thru Shareview dealing, and sign up yo receive Shareview newsletter.

Both individuals and institutions can set up a Shareview Portfolio on one condition. You mast have a holding on a participating register in your name and address. You will receive an activation code sent by post to unlock all extra features. If you are a non-UK resident, your activation code will be sent by Airmail.

  1. Visit www.shareview.co.uk and select “Portfolio” on the bar.
  2. Click on “Register” on the right of the “Portfolio” page. Click on the relevant link if you register as an institution.
  3. Select the company name that you hold the very first shares in.
  4. Enter your name and click the box if you live in the UK.
  5. Enter your post code and select “Set up your account”.
  6. Check whether your name and address details are correct. If not, switch the address to the current one as the activation code will be sent there.
  7. Enter the required information, set up your security information and select your communication preferences.
  8. Click on the “Register now” button to create a Shareview Portfolio.
  9. Upon activating your portfolio, you’ll have utter access to your total holding information.

“Share dealing” has Regular Investment and Smartdeal services to manage your investments. “Market info” provides you with all the information to make key share dealing decisions. If you have problems using Shareview, you can find useful solutions in the Help section.

About Equiniti Group
Equiniti is UK’s leading biz process services provider of share registration and associated investor schemes. With 3,500 staff operating across 23 regional locations, Equiniti produces administration and payment solutions to over 2,000 customers in the UK public and private sectors. Shareview is Equiniti’s suite of online services that gives shareholders and employees the capability to manage their holdings and give access to useful information.

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