Save on Dillard’s Merchandise with Dillards Card

Dillard’s 10% Off Shopping Pass enables you to save 10% on all Dillard’s merchandise, and a $10 Reward Certificate will save you $10, with no merchandise exclusions, on your next Dillard’s Card purchase. You can choose to use either of them if you have a Dillard’s Card.

Save on Dillards Merchandise with Dillards Card Instructions
With a Dillard’s Card, you can earn 2 Dillard’s Reward Points for every $1 spent at Dillard’s or Dillards.com. Dillard’s American Express Cardholders can earn 2 Dillard’s Reward Points for every $1 spent at grocery stores and gas stations and 1 Reward Point for every $1 spent everywhere else.

Once you reach 1,500 points you will be automatically enrolled to receive a 10% Off Shopping Pass if you don’t select a prizes option, and you can choose your Rewards Options as often as you’d like, just make sure you permit up to two billing statements for your prizes choice.

If  are not signed up for Online Access to my Dillard’s and want to switch your Rewards Option, you can:

  1. Visit Dillards.com/creditlogin
  2. Click on “Create an Account” button located on the left side of the page
  3. Click on “Dillard’s Card Services” to cram in the form and select your security questions to link to your account
  4. At the Account Summary page, go to Manage Profile  and click Change my Rewards Option.

If you are signed up for Online Access to my Dillard’s and want to choose your Rewards Option, you can:

  1. Visit Dillards.com/rewards
  2. Click on “Online Access to your Account” to log in
  3. Go to Manage Profile  and click Change my Rewards Option.

Any problem accessing to  Dillard’s Card Online Access, you can call Dillard’s representatives for help:

  • Dillard’s Credit Card: 1-800-643-8278
  • Dillard’s American Express Card: 1-866-834-6294

If you want to apply for a Dillard’s Card, you can:

  1. Visit  www.dillards.com/payonline,
  2. Click on “Apply for a Dillard’s Card’ link, then click on “Apply” button
  3. Complete the form with your private information
  4. Click on “Accept & Submit” button

Dillard’s Card is at www.dillards.com/payonline

About Dillard’s
Dillard’s is a mid-range to upscale department store chain in the United States with locations concentrated in Texas and Florida. The company’s stores suggest a selection of merchandise, including style apparel for women, men, and children; accessories and other consumer goods.

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